In preparation of Nordic game

I am going to the nordic game cobference in about a week, which is awesome.

Nordic game is Amazing and so much fun, and despite being a totally broke struggling artist, i always make sure to find the time for it.

However Nordic game is still a conference and a conference requires a business card, so i am spending the lazer cutting business cards in Wood.

I hope This will give me a conpetetive edge as people Go through their stash of cards.

Made it to popular

so, a couple of days ago I uploaded the game that I made during the Nordic game jam called “I am Anna” to

While I know that this game is not my finest work (it was created during a game-jam), it did somehow end up on their popular games list, which I am kind of proud of.

Situations like this is why I love newgrounds as much as I do, not because they incentivise me to create games through good reviews (though I would be lying if I said that that sort of thing doesn’t help), but because they have such an awesome approach to community.

I have uploaded allot of games to newgrounds and because they make sure that people see the content that is added to the site, you end up with allot of views and some really awesome reviews.

Nordic Game jam

So, for those of you who have been following this dev blog, you will know that I went to Nordic game jam a couple of weeks back.

At the time I made myself a promise that I would put the game on the shelf for a couple of weeks before I played it again. I made the deal with myself that I would share the game if I found merit in the game when I played it once more and luckily I played it again and through “This is pretty OK”

So here is the game finally, I hope you enjoy it:

the sound of silence

SO I haven’t been updating for a little while, I know.

This is not because I have been slacking off, it is simply because I have been somewhat busy going to and recuperating from a game jam situation.

Last weekend I went to “Nordic game Jam” which is one of the worlds largest game jams held in one single location. The idea at the jam is that you show up, you find a group, you make a game in 48 hours and then you enter it into a competition, to see how well you did.

suffice it to say, I did make a game and it did not win or even place in the top.

still, I had allot of fun and once I check out whether or not my game is worth anything, I will share it.

The creative purge

When you are working on lagrer projects, such as “the chain broke” you can end up with allot of pent up creative energy.

This is where game jams Come in quite handy.

For those of you not in the know, a game jam is a creative sprint where you (usually along with a group) attempt to make a videogame in 48 hours.

Doing these tight bursts of creative ideation can actually do the mind good if you are like me.

I cannot turn my mind off, so while I have been working on “the chain broke” i have been accumulating other potential game ideas that i would love to work on.

I am on my way to Nordic game jam to hopefully get some of These ideas out of my head, so that i can once more focus on “the chain broke”

The workspace of an indiedec

There are very few things that are as important to the creative process ad the surroundings in which you work. I dont know if that is a universally true, but it is true for me.

I have personally worked in allot of different environments; everything from an incubation environment to a School setting has been my workspace and i have loved most of them.

However, currently i am working in almost complete seclusion from home. I can’t say that this is my favorite way of working, but it is certainly the cheapest way of making a game.

Never the less, if i can afford an actual office in the future, i will jump at the opportunity!

Narrative stalemate

The chain broke is, despite appearances, a narrative game. I have a very set story that I would like to tell using this game, but I am having a hard time figuring out how i might go about telling that story.

This is why I am plying around with this idea of creating posters that I might hang around the gameworld to tell the story better. The drawing seen above, for instance, is one of the first looks the player gets at our antagonist, Tau.

The idea of creating posters that might tell the story is a good one, the problem comes up, when I realise that I have created a  gameworld without walls. No walls, no places to hang these posters, which means I am out of luck.

This kind of problem is merely one in a range of similar issues that I encounter every day with this project and is both the reason that I love development and why I absolutely hate it.