Narrative stalemate

The chain broke is, despite appearances, a narrative game. I have a very set story that I would like to tell using this game, but I am having a hard time figuring out how i might go about telling that story.

This is why I am plying around with this idea of creating posters that I might hang around the gameworld to tell the story better. The drawing seen above, for instance, is one of the first looks the player gets at our antagonist, Tau.

The idea of creating posters that might tell the story is a good one, the problem comes up, when I realise that I have created a  gameworld without walls. No walls, no places to hang these posters, which means I am out of luck.

This kind of problem is merely one in a range of similar issues that I encounter every day with this project and is both the reason that I love development and why I absolutely hate it.

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